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Friday, 15 June 2007
Project: Write an Opinion Paper on Illegal Immigration
Topic: Opinion Articles
No Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

Presently, illegal immigration is a huge issue to all Americans. There are upwards of 15 million illegal immigrants living in the United States at the moment and the number continues to climb. Why shouldn’t we give amnesty and allow them to stay?

Allowing Illegal Immigration is a slap in the face of honest people who have been waiting to get into the U.S. legally. These are people who will not wait their turn in line and have cut in front of thousands and thousands of people who have been on that list for years and years. It is not uncommon for people to be on the list for 15 years or more as my aunt did. With illegals being non skilled as well as possessing less than satisfactory English ability, they mostly get sent to do menial jobs such as cleaning hotel rooms and cutting fruit at places like Del Monte. They sap our health care by using hospital facilities and waste resources by enrolling their children in our schools. On the other hand some legal immigrants besides having waited their turn also possess professional skills which can be used to help the US compete better with the rest of the world. It is quite ironic to say our country even has a border with Mexico when so many are streaming in. Obviously, America is not protecting its border to the best of its abilities.

Illegal Immigration proponents argue that the illegals do what Americans themselves will not do. Wrong, they assume that but there are no facts to back that up. Tomato farmers engineered genetically stronger tomatoes as did citrus farmers. Not having illegals would then create a need to improve technology and big business will do that if they are forced to. Maybe they might even pay a decent wage to workers in the future for doing what illegal immigrants are doing now for pennies. The dark side of illegal immigrants working for pennies is the wage of certain industries being driven down to the point where Americans who just want to make a living can’t even enter the market when salaries are depressed to the point of being below the cost of living.

Tearing apart families is also a concern as well as many children of illegals were born here. Yet, there comes a time to enforce laws and you cannot selectively enforce some laws and not others. Children should go where their parents go. Laws were made to address issues and must be obeyed. Nothing is so clean and clear cut that everyone comes out a winner, there will be some cases where it almost feels that you aren’t doing the right thing but what we are really doing is sending people back to their country of origin.

How can they survive there? We hear a lot about how by going back the illegal immigrants would have a lower quality of life and would not be able to make ends meet. By being a citizen of a country you are given the rights and quality of life that the government of that country has helped create through laws and financed by taxes. It is not our responsibility to take care of non Americans when we can’t even properly fund higher education for our own citizens. Every country has the responsibility to take care of its citizens and give them the opportunity to live a good life through working hard. It is time for the United States to take care of its citizens and allow other countries to take care of theirs.

Posted by niphon1982 at 3:16 PM PDT
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