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Niphon Goodyear Objective: Tech Writing My goal is to work as a Tech Writer with an emphasis on the marketing aspect of it. I enjoy the technical side of writing l and due to being a fan of technology any knowledge that I do not yet have would be very welcome, as I feel that knowing your product well is not only essential for my career but also to use in your own private life when dealing with computers at home. Skills Mandarin Chinese Microsoft Office Microsoft Photo Editor Education 2000-04 University of Oregon Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration Minor: Chinese 2007 Portland State University Classes: Tech Writing Related Classes: Marketing 311 E Commerce 420 Reference: Available Upon Request Professional Work Experience Marketing/Sales Customer Service Goals: I would like to build my own laptop. A supercharged laptop with at least a 3.2GHz processor but of course 5.0 would be nice if possible. My current Acer has a speedy little 1.73GHz processor which is good especially being an older model. It is almost 4 times faster than my old Imac! Written Papers Score Recaps Sports Opinion Political Opinion